Apple releases iOS 11.4 First Public Beta for Testers

By | April 6, 2018

Apple has officially rolled out the very first public beta update of iOS 11.4. The giant has also released tvOS 11.4 public beta for Apple TV. The new iOS 11.4’s First Public Beta contains the features which were dropped in the recent iOS 11.3 update. If you are eager to know more about this update, here’s what the new iOS 11.4 will bring to your iOS devices. 

First of all, the new feature which iOS 11.4 First Public Beta includes is Messages in iCloud. This feature synchronises messages across all the devices of yours associated with your iCloud account. This means if you delete a particular message from your iPhone, it will also be gone from the Macbook and other iOS devices. The new update will also remove the older messages in order to saves you some more storage space to your iCloud.

On the other hand, the new iOS 11.4 update also brings the new AirPlay 2. AirPlay 2 is basically an update for the AirPlay Wireless Standard. This Wireless Standard has been using by the giant since the year 2010 and finally it gets a new update with AirPlay 2. If we talk about the new features, this new update will bring HomeKit Integration, multi-room audio support, and some more audio improvement features.

Apple has first introduced this new AirPlay 2 at WWDC 2017 and it is finally available for the testers with their new iOS 11.4 Public Beta update. The AirPlay 2 was first available in the Beta update of iOS 11.3, however later on it was removed from the main update. Eventually, the same update is now made available for the iOS devices with the new public beta update of iOS 11.4.

Additionally, the iOS 11.4 Public Beta update also brings auto pairing feature to HomePod Stereo. The same will be made available to HomePod’s next update. For the very same reason, you won’t be able to get this auto pairing feature on the devices.

The update also includes support for new ClassKit Framework. This framework will allow the developers to add support for the upcoming Schoolwork app and to their own applications. This will improve the overall user interface of this framework.

Apple’s Developer Program is not here for free as it requires a paid membership for the developers and testers who want to test out such betas and other pre-release updates.

If you want to access the public beta, first you need to sign up for the program with paid membership. You can go ahead to the official website and can sign up for the program. Once you are signed up for this program, you will be able to install this update and can explore the new beta update on the respective iOS devices.