Apple Music has now 40 Million Paid Subscribers

By | April 12, 2018

Apple’s own Music Streaming platform, Apple Music has achieved a new milestone this week. The Apple Music has now over 40 Million paid Subscribers. Yes, you heard that right. Apple has officially declared that their Apple Music service has now 40 million premium subscribers who are paying for the service. 

Apple Music is widely popular around the globe and according to the new report, the service has now 40 million paying subscribers over 115 countries. With this, the Apple Music has gained a new Vice President, Oliver Schusser. He has worked for Apple for 14 long years and has been involved in App Store, iTunes’ movies and TV sections, iBooks and Podcasts among others. The services from Apple are expanding and the number of its subscribers are growing rapidly.

If we talk about the rivals, Apple Music has its big rival in the US known as Spotify. Spotify is currently on the top position of the best music streaming service. If we talk about the predictions, Apple Music to surpass the number of subscribers of Spotify before the end of this summer.

Talking about the number of subscribers of Spotify, the service has over 70 Million paying subscribers on their normal platform and over 90 million of ad-supported platform. This number is very high than the Apple Music’s 40 million subscribers. However, Apple still believes that they would surpass this number and becomes the top online music service platform in the US and the other countries of the world. On the other hand, Spotify has also predicted to achieve 200 Million subscribers on their service before the end of this current year.

If we go by the previous year’s data, Apple Music had 27 Million subscribers in last June month. In last September month, the giant has achieved 30 Million subscribers mark. In the February month, it has gained 36 Million subscribers and in the March month, it has 38 Million subscribers. And now in the current April month, it has gained over 40 Million paying subscribers all over the world including 115 countries.

According to reports, Apple Music has around 8 Million more subscribers who are active with Apple Music’s free three months trial service. They might convert themselves to paid subscribers after their trial period is over. This would definitely make the number of its current subscribers go higher in the coming days. This could be the reason behind Apple’s prediction to surpass the Spotify’s service.

Apple has predicted this, because Apple’s Music service has 5% of growth of its paying subscribers while the Spotify has only 2% users growth. This number will increase from Apple’s side and by the end of this Summer, 2018, Apple Music will achieve the first position itself in the United States.