Apple might finally allow third-party watch faces on the Apple Watch

By | April 16, 2018

Apple is planning to support third-party watch faces on the Apple Watch SmartWatches. A new hidden code in the watchOS 4.3.1 beta suggests an availability of “3rd party face config bundle”, this shows that the giant seems to open a new environment for the developers to start developing their own Apple Watch faces. This means, the giant could allow third parties to develop watch faces in future. 

Apple’s WatchOS is completely different from Android’s WearOS. WearOS has been supporting third party watch faces, however ever since Apple’s first SmartWatch, they don’t allow third parties to work and develop their own Watch Faces. But the new hidden code in the most recent watchOS update suggests that the company might allow the developers to work on their own Watch Faces.

Until now, Apple doesn’t allow users to change the faces on their Apple Watch. The users of Apple Watch have to stick to limited faces even if they want to change a new one every day. On the other hand, Android’s Smart Watches offering plenty of faces to change and to makeover your Smart Watch every single day. As per user’s demands, Apple is going to offer the same what Android is offering to the users.

Indeed, Apple’s faces which are currently available are very nice. However, there are people who always looking for something new and unique to try out on their Apple Watch every single day. By opening up a whole new environment for the developers, users will get additional Watch Faces from third party developers on their Apple Watch in the near future.

Well, the entire headline was created after an availability of a code in the new update of Apple’s watchOS. There is nothing officially confirmed yet by Apple on the availability of third party watch faces on Apple Watches as of now. The giant has not said even a single word on the availability of third party faces yet.

To confirm this officially, Apple needs to take a big show to make such announcements and the coming World Wide Developer’s Conference is the most suitable place for Apple. This year’s WWDC is held in the coming June month where Apple could announce this space for third party developers. Other than this, Apple is also said to announce their own new iOS update i.e. iOS 12. You can find out more about the new major iOS update from the mentioned link.

By providing an environment to all the third party developers, the number of users of Apple Watch might get increased in the future as they would be able to make the most of their Apple Watch. Apple may also release a new edition of Apple Watch in the WWDC this year. Nothing is officially confirmed as of this moment by the giant, everything will be revealed at the WWDC in the June month. We have to wait for a few more weeks for the same!