Apple may launch three new iPhone X like devices in 2018


After receiving good feedback from all the new iPhones, Apple is likely to announce three more iPhone X like devices for the next year. Yes, you heard that right. The giant, Apple is planning to announce a trio of iPhones in the next year from which two iPhones will have OLED display while the other one will feature an LCD display. 

As per the latest reports, Apple will launch three iPhones with different screen size, including 5.8 Inch and 6. Inch and 6.1 Inch iPhones from which, the first two will feature an OLED display while the last one will feature an LCD display. The reports unveiled by the KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

According to Ming, the new iPhones will feature full screen displays and almost all the features of the latest iPhone X including true depth camera and more.

If we talk about the OLED devices, they will feature kind of the same design and functionality of the new iPhone X while the other LCD device would be a little different from the OLED devices in terms of their performances. Since OLED screen devices are a bit expensive, the first two iPhones will be available from the high-range category. On the other side, the LCD display phone, will be eyeing on the mid-range category.

Moving on to the performance, there will be no changes on the processor on these iPhones as they all will feature the same chipset. The performance will be the same, the only thing different in the phone is their displays and sizes. The designs of all these phones will be similar to the original iPhone X with less bezels and full screen.

As per the reports, the LCD display device with 6.1 Inch display will be the one which people may like the most as it would be priced a little low comparing to other two devices. The phone is expected to be priced at $649 to $749 in the United States, however there is no any confirmed news on the exact pricing of these devices.

Talking about the other two OLED iPhones, they will be priced around $999 to $1100, the pricing may varies as per the model as these phones will be available with different versions in terms of the storage space so the pricing of them will be different. You will have a number of choices to choose the right device for you.

The next generation iPhones will definitely feature the new Face ID feature on it. The second device i.e. 6.5 Inch iPhone with OLED display will be the same device like this year’s iPhone X. People are expecting that this phone would be the iPhone X Plus for the next year. The LCD device will offer the same set of features, but a different display and of course, a cheaper price tag.

The reports are suggesting that, Apple will not delay on shipping these new generation iPhones as the product of these new iPhones will begin before the end of this year. So we could expect the phones to be delivered on the same dates of announcements. Apple’s iPhone X is a bit low on production and hence people are getting the device very lately.

Moving on to the expected features, Kuo said that, all these phones will feature the advanced features of the iPhone X including the Face ID. There will be no any Touch ID available on these devices as well. So, we may not be able to get the Touch ID feature back on the iPhones. Apart from this, 3D sensing, glass and stainless steel design and many other features will be there on the phones.

Sadly, there is no any confirmed information regarding the next generation iPhones we have. However, we can believe on this news from the KGI Securities. The giant may push a few extraordinary features to the next generation iPhones for sure. Stay tuned with us for more such useful updates.