Apple iPhone X sells out quickly in South Korea


Apple’s most recent iPhone edition, iPhone X is an ultimate winner amongst all the smartphones available in the globe. The iPhone X is a special 10th Anniversary phone by the giant, Apple which was released along with the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone X is slowly available in various locations. Recently, Apple iPhone X sells out in minutes in South Korea. Yes, the iPhone X goes out of stock in just a few minutes after its official availability in the South Korean market.¬†

South Korea is a home market for LG and Samsung but still, Apple is winning the South Korean market over these two home giants where the actual sell of the iPhone X goes out of stock in just a few minutes.

SK Telecom is one of the most popular and the biggest carrier who have reported that the official stocks of the new iPhone X sold out in just 3 minutes. This is something amazing and it has already set new benchmarks in the smartphones industry.

Being the most advanced smartphone having a bunch of extraordinary features, the iPhone X is quite stunning and gives you everything to explore within the technology world. Being an Apple product, everyone dreams to have one in the real and if you have waited enough for this phone, it is the right time to own this beast as it is officially available to the entire globe. You have to order one and wait for a few weeks to get it delivered at your doorstep.

As per the previous reports, the original iPhone 7 took 20 minutes to go out of stock in the last year. But the new iPhone X took just 3 minutes which is indeed shows the highness of the beast, iPhone X. The phone is studded with some of the most amazing features like Face ID, which is the first facial recognition security system put up in the smartphone. The phone also come up with dual camera and plenty of additional photography functions to make use of the cameras like a professional photographer. It has a bunch of live emojis called Animoji which acts upon your call and your own facial expressions.

SK Telecom has said in a statement that, there were half of the units of the iPhone X than the new iPhone 8 smartphone. The entire stock of iPhone X took just 3 minutes while the silver edition of this phone took just 1 minute to go out of stock.

If we talk about the stock availability in South Korea, there were around 150,000 iPhone X units allocated here. And the reports are saying that the iPhone X is not available in stock. All the carriers and other giants are unable to ship the phone right away as they have got enough pre-orders of the phone which makes the stock go out of sell in just 3 minutes.

Apple may face some difficulties on selling the newly announced iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as people are eyeing on the new iPhone X. Since they are looking for an upgrade, they will definitely choose the iPhone X over the iPhone 8 series phone as the iPhone X comes with a load of newly advanced features.

If we go back and talk about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, there were no such special edition phone launched alongside which is why people have turned up to buy iPhone 7. However, this year, Apple has released the iPhone X alongside with extra features which decreases the selling of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus about 60%.

Being the most expensive smartphone ever, iPhone X carry a huge price tag and despite of having such a big price tag, fans are going crazy after this phone. Not just in South Korea, but the Phone is not available in other locations as well. The selling of this phone is really fast and the phone went out of sell in various markets already!