Apple Homepod to land in Q4, 2017 in Limited Numbers


The Apple Homepod is all set to arrive during the Christmas season for an optimized price of $349, however, the supply of the product is going to be extremely low. Maybe, Apple has been bounced on the idea that scarcity in supply might create a demand because it already been rumored thoroughly and half confirmed that the iPhone 8, because of the OLED display will also be launched in limited numbers but it made sure that everyone who’s looking to buy a phone will get one.

Apple Homepod 01

According to a new report made on the Apple Homepod, the firm’s first attempt on the smart speakers; the device will be launched during the last and final quarter of the year, almost in the same month of the new iPhones and the new watch, but the number will be limited. Nikkei, the Asian business report says that the speaker is going to hit the markets of UK, US, and Australia during the Christmas season with a count of around 500,000 units.

Inventec, a Taiwanese firm is mentioned to be Apple’s partner for manufacturing the Apple Homepod, but after the iPhone 8 production, Foxconn is believed to be involved in the process. The speaker even with a reasonable price is said to fall short in supply, at least till the first quarter of 2018.