Apple announces ‘Apple Card’ Credit Card with No Fees and Daily Rewards

By | March 25, 2019

Apple has come up with its brand new service. Today, at an event, the tech giant announced its new Credit Card service named with Apple Card. It’s a new way of dealing with the customers with both, Physically and Digitally. Yes, the Credit Card of Apple will be used Physically as well as Digitally through your Apple device.

Fortunately, the Apple Card service is already up and you can sign up for this service right away. To sign up for the Apple Card, the users need to sign up for this service through his iPhone device. According to Apple, the sign-up process will take a few minutes of time. Once it is done, the user will be able to make use of this newly introduced Apple Card digitally through his iPhone.

The Apple Card can be used in Stores, in Apps, and on other online stores. The company has partnered with Mastercard and Goldman Sach to come up with this brand new service.

It’s a revolutionary move made by Apple which is something new for the millions of its users worldwide. This service will always be there on your iPhone and you will see the real-time updates about your transactions and statements from anywhere on your mobile phone using its app.

To label transactions and to track down everything, the company has designed the Apple Card with the use of Machine Learning Technology. They have also made use of the Apple Maps of tracking down your transactions with more details about the store, merchant’s details, location etc.

The Wallet App will keep everything updated and you will get to see your money spent on various things with a detailed report and chart. The wallet app will feature a number of different categories like Entertainment, Foods and Drinks, Shopping and many other more. These categories will be updated when you shop for something or buy movie tickets through Apple Card. You will never miss a single entry of your transactions and will see the real-time updates on your iPhone.

Fortunately, you will also get the details of your transactions at the end of every week and month. This will keep you engaged with your transactions and will remind you about your expenses. The company is providing 24/7 customer care support to the customers with different queries and questions regarding this brand new service, the Apple Card.

What’s unique here is Apple is also giving daily rewards on the money spent by the users through the Apple Card. The user will receive a percentage of the amount spent. This amount will be credited in the Daily Cash section. Whenever a user makes a transaction through Apple Card, he will receive 2 reward points which will be credited to the Wallet App. The reward points stored in the Daily Cash section can be redeemed by the user where the Apple Pay service is accepted.

Apart from this, Apple has made a statement regarding the fees of this service which has amazed the masses around the world. The Apple Card service is absolutely free of cost and there’s no charge associated with the service. The aim to provide this service to the customers is to provide better interest rates. The company will not charge any penalty if the user misses out to pay the spent money within the time bound.

Additionally, the company has also ensured the users regarding the security of this service. The Apple Card service provides better security of your personal data. The Apple Card is safe and secure and you can spend money on your favorite things worry-free.

This was all about the Digital Apple Card.

Apart from the Digital Apple Card, the company has also introduced its Physical Titanium Apple Card which is made from Titanium. Unlike other Credit Card, the Physical Apple Card will have no CVV, has no Name of the user, no Credit Card Number etc. This doesn’t even require a signature and can be used anywhere where Apple Pay is not accepted. You can make use of this Physical Credit Card and can avail the benefits. You will get the real-time updates about the money spent through the Physical Card on the Wallet App of your Apple Device.

Apple is going to launch the Apple Card from this Summer in the United States.