Android Wear new update brings Recent App button and much more


The number of Android Wear users are gradually increasing as they too want to try out the wearables available in the technology market. As soon as Google has its own wearables, people would like to go with the Google based devices. Google’s wearables have Android Wear inside and Google looks a bit slow in upgrading their Google Wear. The latest Google Wear v2.6 update brings a handful of new features to your device. 

Android Wear Smartwatches now getting the new Android Wear update with the version number 2.6. It’s been several months since people of Android Wear Smartwatches were looking for and it is finally here for your watches. Well, Android Wear Smartwatches is not that popular if we compare it with Samsung’s or Apple’s smartwatches, but Google’s smartwatches too have thousands of its users from around the globe.

Android Wear Smartwatches looks quite cool with the design and being a Google product, pretty much all the Android users want to use the Google-based product to sync things between their smartphone and the smartwatch. For the very same reason, Android Wear Smartwatches are quite popular in various locations of the United States and other European countries.

The new Android Wear update brings a couple of cool new features which are actually useful ones. People have been waiting for a long time to get a new update to their old Android Wear Smartwatch and they can now update it with this latest version 2.6.

The new Android Wear v2.6 rolled to Play Store for the update. So all the Android Wear Smartwatch users can now update their existing smartwatch with this latest version within the Play Store app.

The new Android Wear update brings the much awaited recent apps button to your Smartwatch. This button helps you to see the most recent apps on your Android Wear. The new download indicator is also there to see you how much time is remaining for the download. Means, it brings a bunch of new features just like an Android smartphone. You could see the download progress with percentage and can make use of the recent apps just like a smartphone with the Android Wear v2.6.

Apart from this, the new update also changes the Settings menu in your smartwatch which would show you useful connectivity options such as Bluetooth, WiFi and Mobile Data Connection to connect it to the web or other Bluetooth enabled devices. You would feel like using a whole new smartwatch once you update it with this latest v2.6.

Additionally, the update also brings dynamic text cards on your device. This allows your text to customise as per your basic requirements. Users can adjust the notification text and much more things as per his basic requirements. E.g. a shorter message will show you bigger texts while a larger message will show you smaller texts with less margin between the words. This would help users to see the texts easily. The font size of the texts will be changing whenever you receive a text so you don’t have to worry about changing the font size etc.

All these new features are now live with the latest update of the Android Wear 2.6 which has been rolling out to the Play Store for almost all the Android Wear Smartwatches. You can update your Android Wear Smartwatches from the Play Store itself.

Apart from this, the giant is currently working on fixing the issues faced by the new Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL users. The giant is pushing new updates to smartphones and other devices on a regular basis.

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