Android P will turn your phone as a Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse


Google is now preparing for the next Android update with Android P. Earlier, we have reported that the giant may release the first Developer Preview of Google’s upcoming operating system called Android P in mid-March. Now, new reports just came in suggesting the Android P will come with a support to turn your mobile phone into a Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse at ease. 

Yes, you will be able to use your Smartphone as Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse as per your requirements with the use of the latest Android P operating system.

The same concept is current offered by Samsung’s own DeX Pad which turns the Samsung Galaxy S9 phones into a desktop PC when docked in. However, using a smartphone as a Keyboard or Mouse without any wired connection looks pretty innovative and every Android user would appreciate it.

According to various sources, the new Android P will support the Bluetooth HID profile. This is kind of a Human Interface device. This device will help you to turn your Android device into a wireless Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse. It’s been a while since we are hearing the same concept, however Google has never supported it until now. But it seems like the giant is finally agreeing on the concept and they are now coming with it with the new Android P operating system.

This new technology will help the developers to integrate it in the future development of their new applications which comes with the support for both, Android and PC. This means, in future, your Android device will work as a PC and you will be able to get all your PC related tasks done using the smartphone.

Well, Google has not confirmed the support for this device yet, however in the coming days, the giant will come up with an official statement regarding the same to support the Bluetooth HID device in the future Android update.

Pi Day is coming for this year and the company is expected to release their very first Android P Developer Preview for the testers and developers. We might not able to explore this feature on the first Developer Preview of the Android P, however in the future updates, they will push this new feature to the platform so the testers and the developers can test it out on their environment and send out proper feedbacks on the same to the giant for better development of the platform.

Furthermore, the giant will introduce the entire functionality and new features of the upcoming Android P operating system in the upcoming Google I/O 2018 where they will announce their future products along with the new software updates. We would let you update with every single updates made by the giant in the coming days.