Android P Public Beta officially rolled out

By | May 9, 2018

At Google I/O 2018 today, Google has officially rolled out their much awaited Android’s next update, Android P Public Beta for a series of smartphones. The new Android P Public Beta is officially released for Pixel phones as well as seven non-Google devices by the giant Google. 

Android P is Android’s upcoming version for the Android platform. The Android P First Developer Preview of this update was released by Google in the March month. Today, at Google I/O conference, the giant has released the public beta edition of the Android P operating system.

Apart from the Pixel phones, the new Android P Public Beta will be available to a lot of other flagship phones such as Sony, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Essential, and even Nokia 7 Plus and the upcoming OnePlus 6. OnePlus has confirmed the same today ahead of the official announcement and it is finally up.

Following we have prepared a list of all the devices that support Android P Public Beta version. You can check out the list and find out if your device is up in the list or not!

List of devices to get Android P Public Beta

  • Google Pixel
  • Google Pixel XL
  • Google Pixel 2
  • Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Sony Xperia XZ2
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
  • Nokia 7 Plus
  • Oppo R15 Pro
  • Vivo X21
  • Vivo X21UD
  • OnePlus 6
  • Essential PH‑1

We have accept the fact that the new Android P update is there only for the flagship phones from various tech giants. Other normal devices are not compatible to handle the functionality of the new features of the Android P Operating System. For the very same reason, the giant has made the available official only for the flagship devices from various popular brands in the smartphones industry.

Being the most recent and advanced Android update, the new Android P Operating System packs with a series of new features. Here, we have prepared full report about the new features introduced by Google on their Android P Public Beta update. Let’s get on to it right now!

Gesture-Based Navigation

We have heard a lot about this new feature which is finally coming to your phone. The new gesture based navigation makes it easier for the users to navigate through various apps and previous used apps from the home screen. The new navigation system on the phone looks quite promising for everyone.

There will be a new pill-shaped home button available. You can swipe on this button to navigate through various items including the apps and more from your device. You can also access the app drawer to make use of the previously used apps from here. The new gesture-based navigation makes it easier for all the users to make the most of their device while using multiple apps.

Apart from this, it will also bring smart text selection feature allowing the users to select text from anywhere and user can copy, cut or paste the text from different apps. You will be able to see the actual meaning of the text just by selecting it. You don’t need to use any other app for the same. There will also be a quick rotation button available at the upper right side for rotating the screen quickly.

Predicted Actions

Since Android P is designed for the advanced users, it comes with an advanced predicted actions and the Android P takes it to the next level by introducing a whole new system for this actions. You will be able to add predicted actions in the app manually. This way you can make the most of this section on your Android P smartphone.

You will get suggestions automatically within the app drawer based on your usage patterns. This new App Actions will show up everywhere on your device. You will be able to take quick action within the Google Assistant, Google Search Results and other Google based services instantly.

Adaptive Battery

This new Adaptive Battery works with the advanced machine learning technology. This new functionality figure out the most used apps by you. It will also check out the apps which you are likely to visit the in the few hours. The Adaptive Battery will save up battery for your much needed apps and it will stop other apps from consuming the battery. This functionality is by default enabled and it is there to give you the required battery for your tasks.

Advanced Brightness

Just like adaptive battery, this Brightness feature also works smartly for the users to save a lot of battery from their device. This feature also works with machine learning technology which adjust the brightness when needed. Once you manually set the brightness for different lights, it will remember your setting and then it will automatically adjust the brightness for you. You don’t need to manually change the settings of your phone’s brightness again and again as this new Adaptive Brightness will work for you.

More Digital and Eye-catchy Features

There will be an entirely new User Interface you would see on the Android P Operating System. On the Home page, you would see how much time did you have spend on the apps. You can see the exact timing of the time which you have spend on the apps.

Interestingly, to limit the use of the apps, you would be able to set timer for the same. If you are crossing the limit, you will be nudged by the system to stop using the app.

The giant has also introduced a new feature called Slush which is basically a new gesture for your phone. This feature automatically send your device to the Do Not Disturb mode. Whenever you turn your device on the table, it will go to the DND mode automatically. This make you sure to not disturb by any messages, notifications etc.

So folks, this is what you would get from the new Android P Operating System. As mentioned above, the update will be available for the limited number of devices and it is not an open for all the Android device due to hardware limitations.

In order to get the new Android P Public Beta on your device, first you have to enroll for the beta program from the official website. You can follow this link and you will be taken to the official Android P Public Beta page. From here, you can get the right details of your Android P update with its full Changelog. Once signed up for the program, within a few hours you will receive the new Android P via Over-the-air to your phone. You would receive a push notification regarding this update and this way you can download the update.