Android P might have iPhone X like gestures

By | April 16, 2018

Google’s upcoming major Android update, Android P is in talks as this would be the most advanced Android update till date. The Android P is back on the headlines as Google has accidentally revealed the availability of iPhone X like gestures on the new Android P operating system. 

Yes, it seems like Google is testing out a whole new navigation system which would be similar to iPhone X like gestures. On their official Android Developer’s official blog page, the giant has accidentally revealed the availability of this new gestures on the Android P operating system. Later on, the company has removed the attached Screenshot from their blog page.

As per the leaked gesture, the new navigation bar on Android P will no longer have a multitasking button. The center button on the navigation bar looks smaller in design compared to the previous navigation bar.

First reported on 9to5Google, the giant is testing out a new navigation bar which exactly look like iPhone X’s own navigation i.e. gestures. This gesture reveals the multitasking UI on the coming Android P operating system. The availability of the Pill shaped button doesn’t reveal much about the functions hidden inside it. Whether it could be a button or a gesture enabling button.

The data reveals that Google to add back button control too on their navigation. There is an option to customise the navigation bar on the new Android P update. Well, there is nothing confirmed by the Google as of this moment about the navigation bar and what functionality it could carry for the users.

Well, the giant is only testing out their new navigation bar on the Android P operating system which is also in the testing environment for the developers. The first developer preview of Android P is only released for the developers. And they will release more such previews of Android P in the coming days.

If we talk about the past versions, Android has acquired many changes in their previous Android updates on different Android versions. Google is supporting screen notches like iPhone X and the Essential Phone with the same gesture controls. This new iPhone X like navigation bar offers an easier environment to all the developers to make the most of bezel-less display.

Google has held their upcoming Google I/O developer conference in next month, we would be hearing more about the new Android P operating system and its functions in the coming days. Google may introduce the entire Android P and its features and functions during the conference.