Android P Developer Preview 1 : Full List of Features


Earlier today, Google has officially released their first Android P Developer Preview 1 update of the upcoming Android Operating System. The giant has made this update available for Pixel Phones only and not for the Nexus devices due to their policy. If you are anxious to know about the features, here’s a full list of features of Android P Developer Preview 1 prepared for you. 

Google’s new Android P seems to be one major Android update which comes with a bunch of visual changes and new functions to use within the device. The new update is there to simplify your smartphone experience. The new Android P has designed for the advanced people.

Since the update just released, we have compiled only a few features of this latest update by Google. However, by the passing of time after testing out this update, we would come up with more features of the Android P operating system. So yes, in future, you would going to see more features of the new Android P Developer Preview 1 Operating System.

Before we jump on to anything else, let’s find out what’s new inside the new Android P Developer Preview 1 update. Here’s the list of Features.

Features of Android P Developer Preview 1 

1. Built-in Text Zoom tool

This seems to be a cool feature as it allows the users to zoom in a portion of a sentence by selecting it. Once you select one name from the sentence, this tool will zoom in the name and you could clearly read it out.

2. New Navigation Icon to rotate the Screen manually

Every Android smartphone comes with auto-rotate feature. You can simple disable this feature to turn of the auto-rotation in your device, however the new Android P rotates the screen even if you have disabled this function from the device. There’s a dedicated Auto rotation icon on the device with which you can simply rotate the screen manually whenever you needed.

3. New simplified DND Mode

The new Android P Developer Preview has changed the way how the Do Not Disturb mode works. According to this new mode, users can easily change the settings of the mode. The giant has simplified the settings of this mode so it will let you select proper options easily.

Users will be able to customise the entire Do Not Disturb mode menu as per their requirements which is indeed a very good feature for those who were looking for more options in the DND Settings’ mode.

4. Vertical Transitions 

Instead of opening the new apps and pages horizontally, the new Android P lets you show the new apps and pages in vertical transitions. Yes, you can simply open the apps and new pages on the device with new vertical transitions which looks adorable than ever.

5. Vibrates while Pulling down the Notification Bar

This seems to be an interesting feature on the new Notification panel of the Android P operating system. While you pull down the Notification Bar in the Android P operating system, you would see that the phone vibrates. This lets you know about the function of the Notification Panel. Of course, there is a function to disable this feature on the device and you can simply turn off this feature as per your requirement.

6. See Battery Percentage on Always-on display

Always-on display on the new Android P update now lets you also see the battery percentage of your Android device. Until now, you could only see the date and time with the Always-on display, but with this new Android P update, you would also see the battery percentage of your device. Ins’t that cool!

7. Time and Date moved to Left Side

Yes, you read that right. Android P has completely changed the placement of the Time and Date on the device. At the top, you could see the Time and Date at the left corner and not at the right one. This is what they have changed.

8. Vertical Volume Toolbar 

When you push the Volume Rocker button, the new Android P has a redesigned Toolbar for Volume Control. Yes, instead of controlling the Volume vertically, Android P lets you have a whole new Volume Control with Vertical Toolbar. It would be more easer to take control of volume of your device using the Android P operating system.

9. New Notification bar with redesigned Quick Settings

Android P has completely changed the Notification Panel of the device. With new redesigned Quick Settings, users will be able to make quick changes to their phone’s functionality just by using the icons available within the Notification Panel. The new Quick Settings on the Android P looks adorable and you can see the options clearly within the Notification Panel of the device.

10. Redesigned Settings Menu

Android P brings a refreshed Settings application with redesigned Settings Menu. The new Settings Menu on the Android P has now colorful icons of the available options with an eye catchy fonts. This looks just awesome and you might also adore it.

11. New Screenshot Shortcut 

Just like the Volume Control toolbar, the new Android P has now the same Screenshot Shortcut for your device. You can simply open the Screenshots control just like Volume Control by holding down the Power button of your device. You would be presented with Screenshot option on the display. So on the new Android P, it would be much easier for the users to take an appropriate screenshot of something they want.

Fortunately, the Screenshot Shortcut also comes with built-in markup editor. This feature lets you redesign or edit the screenshot and you can even share the screenshots as per your requirements. It’s pretty easy and everyone is going to like this new tool for sure.

12. Supports Multi Camera API

The new Android P lets users to use multiple cameras simultaneously on the device. The new Camera API creates a fused camera stream. This stream lets the users to switch between two or more cameras within the system. By adding multiple cameras, you could use the Phone’s camera as a digital camera to add more effects and modes to the device including zoom, bokeh and more.

13. Indoor Positioning using WiFi

This is something cool which the Android P is offering for all the users. This new WiFi based Indoor Positioning feature lets uses explore the indoor of their home. It’s much like the layout of your area or we can say the indoor of your home. This lets you help out for building navigation using the Google Maps.

14. Improved Autofill 

Google has introduced this Autofill features on the previous, Android 8.0 Oreo operating system. In this new Android P update, there is an improved Autofill feature available. The new Autofill Framework on the Android P has now input sanitisation, compatibility mode and dataset filtering options. This lets to improve the autofill functionality in your Android P powered device.

15. FingerprintDialog API

FingerprintDialog API has an advanced security of your Fingerprint. Since the new Android devices come with Fingerprint Scanner, the new FingerprintDialog API on the Android P improves the security of this scanner with standard system dialog with proper texts and more.

16. HDR VP9 Video

The new Android P has also improved the Video and Image compression on the device. So you would be able to watch the videos and images with great quality and effects.

17. Background App Privacy

The new Android P has restricted the use of Background functions on the device while remain idle. Functions such as microphone, camera and sensor would not be accessible and this will improve the functionality of the device.

18. Power Efficiency 

The new Android P is designed to improve the battery life of your smartphone. Most of the smartphone users have one common issue that they are not getting enough battery life on the devices. Well, the new Android P has an improved functionality that saves your battery life.

So folks, that’s all you are going to see in the new Android P operating System. The company has taken enough care to improve the functionality and the overall user interface of the Android P operating system.

In the coming days, we may get to explore more of the Android P’s features. We would let you update with new features of the newly launched Android P Operating System.