Google Android One : Things you can expect


Great news for all, Google has launched its most affordable transformed version of Android at Google I/O 2014, a design reference platform that will enable smartphone makers to build ultra-cheap smartphones with much more ease. Sundar Pichai, Head of Android and Chrome sections, said that Android One will in fact let phone manufacturers pool in resources to make a reference platform for smartphones, thus saving costs and time in launching new phones in the market.


According to Google, phones with this latest Android One will land first in India and for they have collaborated with three giant India smartphone companies, Micromax, Karbonn and Spice. Even they showed a device from Micromax running Android One with the price range under $100. That shows almost all the device will we can expect to come in future will be around Rs. 6000-8000. There isn’t any news when the bigger players like Samsung, HTC, Sony will come into the role.

Interestingly, Couple of Weeks ago we have seen, Microsoft is also trying to grab this segment by working closely with Indian smartphone makers like Micromax, Xolo and Karbonn to launch cheap smartphones that run on its Windows Phone 8.1.

At the launch event of the Android One, Pichai added that the Android One-powered Micromax smartphone, which will have a 4.5-inch display screen, dual-sim functionality, microSD card support and FM radio priced under $100.


Despite the fact that there are only few $100 (Rs 5,000-6,000) Android devices in the Indian market, yet they are limited by low-end hardware and for the most part convey a poor user experience. If Android One smartphones can convey great performance without breaking the cost barrier, Google will have the capacity to transform gimmick handset users into smartphone users and expand its own user base.

On the other hand, if we are talking about cost friendly smartphones, Mozilla is taking a shot at undercutting even Google. It has collaborated with Intex and Spice to land Firefox OS-powered smart phones to India for under Rs 2,000, yet its application store is still at beginning stage compared to the giant Google’s Play Store market place.

Things you can expect from Android One

Affordable for everyone: People who still are compromising with low end Android smartphone with lesser features and hardware, this is the great news for them. As stated at the I/O event, most of the devices from Micromax, Karbonn and Spice will come at pocket friendly price range and also they don’t need to compromise with the lower hardware specs and build quality.

Android One’s Interface: As there is no actual interface of the Android’s One and there is still a mystery among all how it will be, will it be more interactive than typical Android or what, these are the question running everyone’s mind. But if you visit Google Design website will get some idea how it could be. It is more like Windows live tile rather than the typical Android. Watch this video:

Hardware and Features: There are only few features has been revealed at Google I/O about this proposed Micromax’s Android One running device that with come under $100 (5000-6000) which will have a 4.5-inch display screen, dual-sim functionality, microSD card support and FM radio. This I guess is enough for them who are compromising with the low-and smartphone. Yet more news are about to come favoring this, so better you stay tuned here for more.

Availability: Sundar Pichai confirmed that Android One will land first in India then in anywhere else and for that only Google tied up with Indian smartphone makers. We are also hoping to get some more news related to this after the end of the Google I/O. Click here to know more details what are big thing to be discussed at this developers meet.

As of now we have this much only to discuss about the Android One, stay tuned to TheTetchBulletin for further details and other latest news and reviews.