Android Messages updated with Duo calling with Payment Support


Google’s default messages application, Android Messages is updated and the new update brings a variety of useful features to the native messages app for all the Android users. The new update to Android Messages is rolling out the world’s people and now you will be able to update your Android app. The current version updated from v2.5 to v2.7. There is no much changes pushed to the new update, however it brings the useful features, duo calling and payment support. 

Interestingly, the new updated Google Messages app’s size is reduced and the APK is lighter than the original Messages app which makes it even more smooth on the phone. It performs really well and runs smoothly on the phone.

If we talk about the new features, the first feature on the Google Messages app is Duo Calling integration. As you know, Google Duo is company’s own video calling platform, the Duo app is now integrated with the Google Messages app. Once you update the Google Messages app with the new version 2.7, it will show up a Video Calling icon within the chat thread. You can simply tap on to the icon of Video Calls to start making the video call with that person.

Apart from the duo calling functionality, the new updated Android Messages app also brings the support for sending or requesting money from your friends and contacts. This new Payment Service support is provided by Google Wallet to the Android Messages app. So you will be able to send payments to your friends and contacts through the Android Pay’s account or can request for money from your friends with a message. This makes your transaction more clean and convenient. You may ask to setup your payment account and other information before actually making the use of this payment service feature.

Additionally, the new update also brings a set of improvements to the actual User Interface of the app. The APK teardown showcases new things added to the updated Android Messages app. There will be a whole new notification indicator available whenever you receive a new message to your friend, instead of showing new message, there will be clean details on the display just like other Instant Messengers available for your phone.

Furthermore, the Android Messages also brings Rich Communication Service feature to your smartphone for the dualSIM devices. This new rich communication service will add more features to the Messages app which lets you see the typing while a person is responding to your message and a few other useful functions just like the WhatsApp Messenger.

Well, the new Android Messages update is slowly rolling out the entire world and it may take a few days to reach out to your smartphones so you don’t have to worry about the update as of now. The update will reach you and you would receive a notification of it on the phone. You can even check for the new updates manually by visiting the Google Play Store app from your device. Just launch the Play Store app and select the gear icon and then tap on to the My apps and games option. If you see an update right there, just click the update button to update the app right away.

In a nutshell, Google brings a set of advanced and premium features to your smartphone within the Android Messages app. This will make you stick to the native messages app as you can now make video calls and can send or request for payments without using the third party apps or other separate app. You will be able to do various things from one single app with easy to use Interface.