Android Game Air Hockey 3D : Review


Air Hockey 3D is game for Android that aims to capture a attractive and addictive fun of playing air hockey 3D. The main assets of this game are the graphics as well as different design of the tables, when we are playing this we will like as if we are playing it like a real Air Hockey 3D. There are many variety of option which we can play and also we can play with some one else, where each of you playing on one side of the display. And also we can play againt computer by changing the level of difficulties ranging from easy to extremely difficult level. Air_Hockey_3D


How to play

  • Initially you need to Download this game from the Google play store and install it on your smart device, An icon of this game will appear on the screen
  • Click on the icon to open the game, Once you click on it the game will open and adjust the setting to start the game
  • The setting includes like you need to select the mode of playing initially like one player, two player and whether you are interested to play champion ship.
  • once you select the mode, start the game as if like the real game. By using finger touch near paddle
  • playing this game quite easy, If you are playing with other player in your tablet it will be better and also in the setting you can select the table design also.
  • In the end of the table it will show how you have play and also asks for rematch if you are interested.
  • For those who are confident about their skill the championship will be the better one to test your skills.
  • we can create a championship completely with customs and different colors, this will be attractive from player to player when we play for long trips.



I had a lot of fun by playing this Air Hockey 3D in my smartphone, where I use to play with computer all the time by changing the level of difficulty because in smartphone two players will be difficult. I suggest you to play with two players when you are playing in your tablet. The speed, features, theme every thing is nice overall we can rate this game with four out of five.



  • This game will works great for the two players.
  • No pesky controls to learn, play with your thumb.
  • Computer has many level of difficulties as you can change the level and test the game skill.
  • The 3D graphics looks good in your tablets as well as smartphone.


  • Every time you have to change the setting and you have to keep the setup before playing championship.
  • Google play game integration would being player back to the game


over all the game is quite simple and also fun, when you play this game in two players mode, I can say you that we can enjoy the play of the game. This Android game is good I will suggest to play this game.

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