Android Auto lets you access full Contacts list

By | April 23, 2018

Android Auto gets a new update which now lets users access the full contacts list on the system. Yes, the users of Android Auto will now show you the entire list of contacts on the display with a new update. At the launch, the Android Auto offered limited functionality to let drivers focus on driving and on the roads. By the passing of time, the giant has added a bunch of new features to the system to make it more convenient. 

Of course, the recently added features on Android Auto can easily distract you, however you will be able to explore more of the system with the new features.

The new announcement of this update comes through the official Android Forum page. “Starting today, you can now access your full contact list by opening the top-left menu when in Auto’s phone dialer interface,” read the announcement post.

Recently, Android Auto was updated with a new feature i.e. Swipe up to unlock. This feature lets you use your smartphone even if it is connected and using different app. The ability to use this new functionality allows the other passengers to explore more of the smartphone.

By adding this new feature of accessing the Contacts through your smartphone, you can now make a new call with four different ways while the device is connected with Android Auto in your car. The new updates lets you make a new voice call easily. You can use any of these four ways as per your convenient.

Until now, you could use Google Assistant, select the contacts from the call lists or by manually dialling a new contact number through the Android Auto. With this new functionality, you can access the full contacts list of your connect smartphone through Android Auto’s display. This way you will be able to select the contact and place the voice calls instantly.

Accessing your contacts list is pretty easy, all you have to do is just go to the main screen and select hamburger icon given at the left side. From here, you need to select the Contacts option. When you stop your car, you will be able to see the entire contacts list of your smartphone. While you are in motion, you wouldn’t be allowed to use or access the contacts list from Android Auto.

Interestingly, the new feature is already available and goes live. The latest version of Android Auto has already added this functionality. For that, you have to update your Android Auto.