Amazon’s new Follow-Up Mode for Alexa makes it more easier to handle the tasks


Amazon’s own Voice Assistant service, Amazon Alexa is one of the best voice assistant in the world which is widely popular. It comes at the second place after Google’s own Voice assistant, Google Assistant. Apparently, Amazon is adding new Follow-up mode for Alexa which makes it even more easier for the users to do various tasks without speaking Hey Alexa again and again. 

This is something very useful for the frequent users of Amazon’s Alexa Voice assistant. If you use the Alexa voice assistant regularly, with this new follow-up mode, the voice assistant can handle the back to back commands easily and you would be able to perform task easily using the follow-up command on the Amazon’s Alexa Voice assistant.

So every follow-up question on Amazon’s Alexa Voice assistant, you don’t have to speak Hey Alexa again and again for the next questions. You just need to start the command with the main query of yours and the Alexa will responds to it without even using the Hey Alexa.

The new Follow-up Mode is made available and can be enabled through Alexa’s official App’s settings menu. By enabling this mode, the Alexa assistant will keep listening to your commands and it will give you quick answers to your commands and will do as you direct. And yes, it will not require any additional wake up command.

The basic idea is simple to provide seamless experience of using this virtual voice assistant with follow up questions. This makes sense how people are using the assistant frequently with one by one queries. This new feature will offer even better UI of the Virtual Assistant for the users.

With this new Follow-up Mode, the Alexa assistant will keep on listening for your commands. The blue light on the Alexa indicates that the Alexa is listening to you and it will be there and up for five seconds after responding to your commands. So yes, you can give quick commands within the five seconds after completing the Alexa’s responds and this is how this new Follow-up mode on the Alexa Voice assistant will work for you.

Make sure to give proper commands with follow up questions and the Alexa Assistant will work accordingly. You don’t have to mess up with the commands during the follow up mode enabled on the Alexa. If you are unable to give next command in next five seconds, the follow up mode will not work and after that, you have to give commands by saying Hey Alexa and then your command to get a respond from the Alexa.

If you are amazed with this new Follow-up Mode in the Alexa, just head over to the official Alexa app and go to the Settings option. From here you need to select device in question option. From here, you need to scroll down to Follow-up mode option. After this, you need to toggle the Follow-up button by using the slider.

For now, the new Follow-up mode is now available for the entire Amazon Echo smart speakers as well as all the other third party devices using the Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. The feature is currently activated for the US English mode. The company will come up with more information regarding the same in the coming days.