Amazon to stop selling Chromecast and Apple TV

By | October 5, 2015


Today, Amazon has announced that it will stop selling streaming devices like Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast. The reason behind this decision is that the company wants to focus on the devices that work well with Amazon Prime video service.

Amazon said in an email, “Over the last three years, Prime Video has become an important part of (Amazon subscription service) Prime, It’s important that the streaming media players we sell interact well with Prime Video in order to avoid customer confusion.”

This move of Amazon is understandable, as Apple TV and Chromecast gives tough competition to the company’s own streaming hardware, but this will also affect its business.

Amazon will continue selling Roku, Xbox, Fire TV and PlayStations consoles, but company will stop selling Chromecast and Apple TV by the end of this month. This news comes after Apple and Google has launched the latest model of their streaming hardware.

Google has unveiled its improved and better version of Chromecast last week, which plugs into the TV screens to stream content wirelessly via internet. The new device from Google can be controlled by smartphones and tablets.
The updated version of Apple TV is also going to be released later this month, which will deliver shows and other media content.