Amazon is reportedly working on a Smart Doorbell


Recently, we have reported that Amazon is currently testing out their own super fast delivery service for better user experience. Now, the giant is reportedly working on a new smart doorbell. As per the reports, this new smart doorbell will give one time access to your home to the delivery drivers. This doorbell will make sure to deliver the product to your doorstep or inside your car. 

The company is in talks with Phrame, a maker of “smart” license plate frames which manufactures secure key box for car key storage. As per the reports, this secure box can be remotely unlocked by the people. Delivery drivers can inform the owner and the owner will give one-time access so the product can be delivered.

Phrame writes, “secured one-time and time-limited access for a courier to open your trunk and deliver your package.” This is what about the original secure box which is absolutely useful for the ones who frequently use Amazon’s service. This is how the Phrame’s secure box will look like.

Furthermore, the company is also working on a smart doorbell as we have reported earlier. According to this new Smart Doorbell’s service, delivery drivers will be given one time access to the home so the product can be drop off to their home. The same system is currently available by different manufacturer, however Amazon is testing out their own Smart Doorbell for the frequent users of its services.

Amazon is working hard to give its customers the best delivery experience. However, sometimes people find it annoying as they do not get their products on time or they just send back due to the unavailability of the person. Since, more people are buying products online, people will definitely welcome this service by Amazon.

If we talk further about the delivery process, Amazon or any other delivery services don’t disclose anything about the lost products. Some valuable products are very important and they have to provide legal reports about the shipment and other information regarding the product.

Well, it is not a confirmed news as none of the giants have confirmed regarding this news yet. Both these secure box and smart doorbell service will work on a code which can be accessed by the delivery driver and the owner of the house which will work only for one time. Amazon may offer this Phrame product to the Amazon Prime members for free, however there is no any word of confirmation available by the officials yet.

Many people have reported about their lost products and not shipping the right products on right time. After receiving regular feedbacks from the valuable customers, Amazon has started experimenting new delivery services and the ways to improve the existing ones. Being the most popular e-commerce platform, Amazon is continuously expanding its services for the consumers who are using their services regularly.

To cut down the product losses and to improve the delivery services, Amazon will definitely make the above things available in the coming days for the valuable costumers who use Amazon’s services frequently.

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