Amazon is reportedly working on personal robots

By | April 23, 2018

Amazon is reportedly building their own new Personal Robots, reported by Bloomberg. The giant’s new smart robots would be manufactured under the project name, “Vesta”. 

According to reports, the new Amazon robots would be equipped with innovative technology devices. The robots would be featuring personal cameras which would work like a human eyes. The robots may launch as soon as 2019, the company will soon reveal more information about their very own and new venture into the digital industry.

Sadly, the report has not revealed much about the robots and how will they work in real life. However, we have some insider’s report about Amazon’s personal robots with which we can actually figure out the working functionality of the robots in real life.

According to sources, the Smart Robots would be using Amazon Echo like interface which would be powered by company’s own, Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Users would be able to speak to the robot with the use of Alexa Assistant. The robot will do the work as you command it.

Additionally, to make it work effectively, the robots would feature powerful microphones and speakers. The Smart Robots will be able to capture your commands from distance and it will try to accomplish your command. You will be much familiar with the UI of the new smart robots as it would work like a smartphone with the help of Alexa voice assistant.

There are a number of companies who are already offering kind of the same robots. However, Amazon’s new Smart Robots would be much more smarter than what you have seen from other companies.

Being a home robot, it would be like your own family member who would be doing a lot of your routine tasks just by voice commands. If you are not aware about Amazon Alexa voice assistant there are many voice commands available with which you can make the most of Amazon Alexa Voice assistant.

If we believe in the report, then this would be company’s very first Smart Robot in a whole new industry. After Amazon’s Echo speakers, this smart robot will be placed inside our home and it will offer more convenient UI to all the users. By connecting your smartphone, other smart home appliances and Amazon Echo speakers, Amazon would make your home, a Smart Home.

An Amazon spokesperson said the company doesn’t comment on “rumors and speculation.”

So for now, we have to take this report with a pinch of salt. May be, the Smart Robot’s development at its beginning and for that reason, the company might not want to disclose anything about their new Smart Venture. We would let you update if something official comes in!