Amazon releases a (RED) Echo to help fight AIDS


Earlier this year, Amazon has released the second generation of its smart speaker, Amazon Echo with fabric design and more improvements to its features. The company has showcased a number of color options of the second generation Amazon Echo speaker as well. Now, the reports are suggesting that the company is going to release RED Echo variant to help raise money for AIDS research. 

The all new Amazon Echo Red variant is here with a good cause. With each sell of this RED Echo smart speaker from Amazon, the AIDS research foundation will get $10. There is no any changes on its base price.

The RED Echo by Amazon is available for pre-order for $99.99 from today. It will start shipping from December 6. This is the best option for those who are waiting for the perfect gift to order for this year’s Christmas.

RED is good at spreading awareness and help the researchers to come up with more solutions for the AIDS. This is not the first time, RED has also started the same thing with iPhone cases in the previous year. With Amazon Echo’s latest editions, they will sell more products as there are people who also want to help out the researches by collecting money through such programs.

If we talk more about this new generation Amazon Echo smart speaker, the Echo was released alongside the Amazon Echo Plus which was released in the October month. The new Amazon echo has a stunning cylindrical design which plenty of color options. The new generation Amazon Echo has auxiliary-out port along with improved sound quality. The speaker has built in dolby digital system to offer the best sound quality.

RED foundation will get instant $10 for each sell of the Amazon Echo speaker from Amazon. Apart from this, Bank of America will also give 30 cents per dollar spent on buying the new Amazon RED Echo speaker. This scheme will last till December 31st from today itself. So if you are willing to pay for good cause, you will become a part of this buy purchasing this speaker. The great thing about this scheme is it will not charge you extra for this. Instead, the Amazon and Bank of America will pay for your purchase.

The new Echo version is similar to other Echo speakers as it has the same identical design, however there are a few new things which we have already mentioned above in this new generation of Echo.

If you are not aware about Product Red program, basically it’s an initiative by Red which is collaborating with various brands to help support the fight against AIDS. This way they are seeking attention from the people so they can collect more money for the researches and to come out with perfect solution.

As we have already mentioned above that, Red has already collaborated with various other brands and this is the first time they are collaborating with Amazon. The same foundation has worked well with Apple and they have been into the platform for 11 years.

If you have some humanity and want to purchase this Red variant of the Amazon Echo, it’s the right time to pre-order it from Amazon. The Red variant of the Amazon Echo is listed with the same price tag of its other color variants such as¬†charcoal, gray, and sandstone line mates. The shipping of this variant will take place from December 6th, but all the orders from today will go to the donations as listed above. So you can order it right now for the good cause and you will also get the new generation of Amazon Echo.