Amazon pulled most of Hoverboard from its site in US and UK



Buying Hoverboard gets a bit tougher this holiday season, as Amazon has pulled the two-wheeler self balancing scooter from its websites in US and UK. The main reason behind this step is the safety review of the device. If you are planning to buy the “hoverboard” as a Christmas gift, you have to try harder.

Amazon has taken the steps after series of hoverboards caught fire. The tech giant has asked all hoverboard manufactures to provide documentation about the safety of all the hoverboard. According to the report of The Verge, the company has sent notice to all the hoverboard sellers to demonstrate that their device meets all the right battery and charger safety standards.

This means that Amazon won’t bring the hoverboard that don’t meet the safety measures in future. Swagway said that their models meets all the certifications and is safe. They said, “As safety is always forefront for Swagway, we’re glad this is taking place, especially in the light of recent concerns with the fires with the poor quality batteries,”

Hoverboard has become very popular, as many people are using this self balancing scooter for various purpose. The popularity has also led to the use of some cheap products from Chinese manufacturers. Initially, lots of hoverboards were listed after searching on Amazon, but now if you search for hoverboard in US, you’ll get hoverboards made by Razor or Jetson only. All other results include accessories.

This is similar case in UK also, as hoverboard search results on Amazon shows only Smartrax device. But, it looks like, the company has not extended its safety measures to India, as lots of hoverboards are displayed, when you search for the self-balancing product in India.