Amazon Echo Speakers Play Apple Music with Alexa

By | December 17, 2018

Apple Music can now be streamed on Amazon’s Echo Smart Speakers. Yes, you are now allowed to link your Apple Music’s account to Amazon Echo speaker. You can work with Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant to give the commands, and the speaker will turn on the music linked with your Apple Music. 

Amazon’s Alexa App for iPhone now has an option where you can link your Amazon Account within the Apple Music. You can use Amazon Alexa app to control the playback of songs and to give various other voice commands. If you are using Amazon Echo speaker and have an account of Apple Music, then you can simply link your accounts with a new update.

The rollout started in the US for both, Android and iOS users through their own Alexa app. Moreover, you can also set Apple Music as your default library to play songs through Alexa’s voice commands. Once you set your default music library, you will not be asked to select the music library every time you play through the Alexa.

Apple Music on Alexa has full access to your music library including the playlists, and the entire music library with all music tracks available on the Apple Music. Moreover, you can also guide the Alexa assistant to play a specific track from the library by giving its name. The Assistant will immediately switch the current track and will start playing the one which you suggest.

Well, it’s just an alternative for the users of Amazon Echo Smart speakers, and you will not be able to use all the features which you can get with Apple’s own HomePod Smart Speakers. You are not allowed to add a song to a particular playlist using Alexa voice assistant, while you can add it on Apple HomePod. You can’t even play the music and tracks added to your Music Library manually. Alexa will also not play the songs added by you manually to the library.

What Amazon Alexa for Apple Music do for you? 

Amazon Alexa can be linked easily with Apple Music. The Alexa will let you know about the current track’s name. You can control the playback using Alexa voice commands. You can also listen to music through a group of Amazone Echo speakers added by you using Alexa app.

If you have multiple Amazon Echo Smart Speakers, the Amazon Alexa app allows you to merge all the speakers by creating a group. Whenever you play a song, all the speakers will start playing it simultaneously. So you can keep speakers in different rooms while playing the same songs on each speaker.

The newly updated feature is limited for Amazon’s Echo Smart Speakers only. You are not allowed to use Apple Music on any other third-party smart speakers which support Amazon Alexa Assistant. So if you are using Amazon Echo speaker, you can update the Alexa app and link your Apple Music to test out this new feature.

Aside from Apple Music, the Amazon’s Echo speakers also support other streaming services such as Spotify, Vevo, Tidal, Pandora, SiriusXM, and Deezer. You can link up your account of these music streaming services, and can set it as the default music library through the Alexa app.