Amazon allows college students to pay for Amazon Prime by the month


Amazon has brought a new plans for college students through its Amazon Prime students service. The service now lets college students to pay for Amazon Prime by the month. If you are a using Amazon’s services, you might probably know about the Prime service which requires a yearly payment. However, students don’t find it helpful as they study for a specific period of time and for them, Amazon brings this new plan for college students. 

This service or we can say plan is here for the students who want to own a Prime membership but don’t want to pay yearly payment as they don’t find it useful. This new plan will save a few bucks and still you can enjoy the Prime service by Amazon.

If you are studying and a student who use Amazon to purchase various items or books, then you don’t have to pay full amount for the prime membership if you want to. Amazon has introduced a new option named with by-the-month which lets you pay $5.49 per month only for the Amazon Prime Membership. You don’t have to pay full amount of money for the Prime Membership, however you just need to pay %5.49 every month as long as you need the service. If you don’t want to keep your membership, then you don’t have to pay anything to Amazon. The plan will be discontinued from your account itself.

If you have a long vacation or don’t want your ordered items delivered on time or on the next day, then you should not go for the Amazon Prime Membership. You don’t have to pay anything extra for the same. If you have enough time to stay, then you can order your much needed items and wait for 3 to 4 days and the items will be delivered without any membership or any extra money.

Interestingly, if you are a new member who just want to join the Amazon Prime membership, then Amazon is offering 6-month free trial for the same service. If you want to avail this new offer, you have to register yourself with .edu email ID to Amazon. For the same students, Amazon’s Prime Membership is available to pay full amount on yearly basis. The current Prime Membership is available at $49 per year, so you can choose the same plan if you need it.

Amazon is constantly upgrading their services to make hassle free shopping online. Currently, Amazon is testing out a couple of new services for the customers. To provide more accurate deliveries of the ordered products and to cut down the delivery amount, Amazon is working on their own delivery services. For security reasons, Amazon is testing out a new Amazon Smart Doorbell. Amazon will confirm about these new services later on, may be at the end of this current year.

Amazon’s Prime Membership is quite affordable as soon as you are using Amazon’s services. Amazon offers millions of different types of products for everyone and to get them delivered on time or we can say on the very next day, you should avail this Prime Membership which costs like nothing for the regular users. The membership will deliver all the ordered items for absolutely free of cost with one day delivery option.

For more information regarding this plan for College Students, you can head over to the official website from where you can see all the details of this service.