Altice USA will become a wireless carrier with Sprint’s Partnership


Altice is a well known Cable operator service in the United States which is going to start its own mobile service on Sprint’s network. On Sunday, both the giants have come together and announced a multi-year agreement partnership to come up as a new Carrier in the US. So by now, Altice will be the new firm to enter into the Wireless Networks in the United States to compete against other networks.

As per this agreements, Altice USA will be able to have”full” use of Sprint’s network to all the locations of the US for Voice and Data usage. As a return gift, Altice will provide its broadband network to Sprint to offer good coverage of its service to all the locations.

Sadly, there is no any further information revealed about this deal by any giants till date. They have not spoken anything about the actual availability of this network in the US. On the other hand, Sprint has not revealed anything about their new broadband service with the help of Altice broadband service. However, they both will soon come up with some more information to announce the release date for the new Carrier.

This is something interesting as the giants have announced this new carrier and agreement deal just a day after the Sprint and T-Mobile US ended merger talks for future. Sprint got the opportunity and they have finally decided to come up this new Altice Carrier for the US consumers to make use of the web wirelessly.

On the other hand, Sprint and T-Mobile has completely closed down their previous deals and other agreements which were running. They both were in talks to create the largest wireless company in the United States, however things went wrong and they have ended up their deals and other agreements.

Altice USA is the largest cable operator in the United States and once they start providing its Wireless Service to the consumers, the consumers of the US will be able to get multiple benefits. They will be able to use Wireless Networks, TV Cables and cellphone through just one company. If you avail all the services, then you will be able to get some additional discounts from the company as well. So Altice is going to change the entire Wireless Industry and people would definitely go for it to get all the discounts and other useful services from one platform.

Sprint is badly in need of such agreements as the giant is currently unable to compete against other giants such as T-Mobile and other well known carriers. This makes Sprint able to make a quick agreement with Altice who were also looking for a partner to come with their own Wireless services for mobile platform and Televisions at the same time.

There are people who are always looking for such alternatives and if this new Carrier, Altice provides good services to its customers, they will definitely start using their network. People are looking for good service with some more additional benefits from that and Altice may offer the best of it for sure. As they are merging with Sprint which is already good at Wireless Networking.

Time will disclose more about this agreement and the availability of the new Altice Network. All we can do is, wait for some more time to hear the official announcements.