All Cast Receiver : Stream media to any Android device


All cast receiver is the companion app for the All Cast smartphone and tablet app. After the All Cast app working on the Amazon Kindle Fire TV with a receiver app, now All Cast Receiver is released in Google Play for use on any of the Android device. This makes your device essentially a streaming target for All Cast, allows you to send the media from one device to the another.

The setup is very similar to the CheapCast app and this is recently pulled as the changes to the Chromecast system broke the work around the developer was using. All Cast is quite different from the Chromecast, it is just the All Cast for your content. The Android devices which are containing the All Cast Receiver App will appears in the All Cast list along side of the Chromecasts, Fire TV’s, Rokus and more. Simply select your device from the list and stream the cloud or the local content which you want to stream.


Use the All Cast to send the content like the Photos, Music and Videos to the receiver app continuously. All Cast is the perfect to install in your Smart TV’s such as Fire TV, Google TV, Ouya, Android TV stick and more.

The receiver app is completely available for free, but the trial version limits of the All Cast app still apply. To send the unlimited content you need to buy the full version of All Cast for $4.99. All Cast Receiver is definitely useful if you are already a All Cast user.

Download All Cast Receiver from here and check whether it works on your tablet or not. Also Download All Cast app from here.