AIG offers Insurance polices for your drones



Drone is pretty expensive device, but it doesn’t stop people from owning it. People buy drones for various purposes like personal use or business purpose, but it is also a certain fact people owning drones always get worried when they fly the unmanned aircraft. It is not very easy to replace your costly drone if it met with any kind of accident. Don’t worry folks, as AIG Insurance Company has a solution for you.

AIG Insurance Company has launched some insurance policies for the unmanned aircraft, which covers damage to your drone and any person involved in it. It is also not compulsory that the person involved in drone accident should be the pilot. The price of polices depend on your choice.

The insurance policies cover all the hardware that is carried by the drones like cameras, the drone itself and some other hardware. The policy will also cover the damage happened to third party, meaning it also covers damage happens to other persons and the objects.

If you have some entry level drone for flying in your backyard, the AIG insurance doesn’t make any sense. But, the AIG insurance policy is good option if you have some costly 4K drones or the drone is carrying some costly electronic device. Suppose you have drones for your business like courier service or making videos, then this policy makes lots of sense. So this drone insurance from AIG is a good option for people, who own pretty costly drones.