Age of Empires : World Domination coming soon to Play Store for Android

By | April 12, 2014

The ‘Age of Empires’ series game is finally coming to the world of mobile, thanks to the effort between Microsoft and Japanese-based Klab.

Regardless I recall the first time when I opened up that jewel case, took out the CD and instantly began loading up Ages of Empires onto my 75MHz Pentium-controlled Compaq Pressario with the measly 8MB of RAM. Many thing has changed since my adolescence days of playing Age of Empires, both in my life and in the world of innovation. Still, passion never dies, and right up ’til today I enjoy the series and sometimes will even now play around with Age of Empires III.


For fans like myself, you’ll be excited to realize that the series is at last going over to the universe of mobile, the manifestation of Age of Empires: World Domination. Not a ton of information have been released about World Domination simply yet, however Microsoft and Klab have declared the game will arrive on Android at some point this Summer. There is likewise a sneak-top trailer, which you can see by clicking on the Youtube video link at the end of this article.

While the trailer gives a vibe that is (as I think) significantly more cartoonish/anime than the original one, the little bits of in-game play that you can realize that at least the RTS style gameplay seems to still be intact. Presently here’s to trusting that Microsoft tries its hardest to join to the gameplay mechanics and overall experience of the desktop series, as opposed to presenting to us a wreck that is littered with in-app purchase.

For now, I remain anxiously hopeful and anticipate making a game try What do you think, excited in an Age of Empires spin off for Android smartphones? Don’t forget to comment your views with us by commenting below in the specified section.