Adobe unveils Comp CC app to simplify designers’ task

By | March 31, 2015

As a means to help designers simplify their designing task, the new Adobe Comp CC (Creative Cloud) allows to quickly draw layout designs and concepts for mobile, Web which can be then transferred to Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign through Cloud to re-create the actual design for completion. With Comp CC, moving from iPad to desktop is piece a cake for the designers.

Adobe Comp CC

Adobe CC is very helpful especially when designer want to scribble some design to the client over a coffee or lunch. He can draw and show the design concepts on iPad and then continue working on it from desktop by transferring the worked designs through Adobe Creative Cloud. The scribbles can then be processed using Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator to create production-quality, camera-ready or wed-ready file.

Adobe Comp is now available to be downloaded from iTunes App Store for free. Non-Creative Cloud users too can use the app for free but can have only limited functionality. It also let users try out the trial version with is capable to run for 30 days.

“Doing creative work on a mobile device is only useful if the results can be synced to the desktop, where the project can be perfected in a precise, professional-grade tool like InDesign or Photoshop,” said Scott Belsky, Vice President of Products at Adobe. “With Comp CC, we have simplified the design process, helping creatives take their initial layout-designs on iPad and making them the basis of high-impact finished work on the desktop – all thanks to Creative Cloud.”

Using Adobe Comp is really simple. When the Adobe Comp is opened, one has to enter details about the end objective. Here, one can select phone, tablet or various sized papers and now, follows the fun part. When one tries to draw a rectangle or square on a iPad, it make not end up looking like that and may look like a joke. But in Adobe Comp, it can make a rectangle or circle look like a rectangle or circle.

Sketch_CompCC-1024x768 (1)

Adobe Comp

Adobe Comp has a wide range of gestures which can be accessed by tapping on the Help icon. For instance, squiggling over any object means to erase it. For editing, one can tap the small ‘X’ on the left hand side. It also allows one to resize object, fill colour, add borders etc,. There are smart guide that will allow the user to align objects at the same time maintain an object’s aspect ratio.

During the demo at last fall, some refined details weren’t available. In LayUp, Vinh showed how the responsiveness of the app could change the lousy shapes into neatly aligned shapes. This is still available but Comp has more precise gesture vocabulary that simplifies the designers’ tasks and allows adding details like rounded corners. Typekit library is first for mobile creativity tools that permits users filter by style, by weight or favorites.

Another newer addition is the export button that allows designers to access editied images from elsewhere to get a better layout. Through this Abobe offers a new perspective on iPad’s value proposition, which has been slightly troublesome since its debut five years ago.

With Comp, Abode tries to add on its role in the designer’s workflow. Overall, the designers can work across devices and apps with fewer hurdles and headaches with this Adobe Comp CC. The Creative Cloud allows access to these popular, professional-grade design programs through a cloud-based, paid-subscription program that keeps users always up-to-date for a minimal monthly fee.