Adidas plans to make shoe by 3D printing



Finding right fit shoe is quite a task, so Adidas has come up with a solution. The company will use 3D printing to make the right fit shoes for every individual. The company has today unveiled the prototype of a 3D printed running shoe midsole, which is called Futurecraft 3D.

This new running shoe Futurecraft 3D is going to be made by using “a unique combination of materials and process” and this will fulfill all comfort needs of any runners. This new shoe will solve all the comfort problems of the runners.

The athletic apparel wear company is planning to make perfectly fitted shoes for every individual and this 3D printed shoe is parts of its ambition. Adidas hope to make shoes in the store itself for the customers in future. People have to enter in the Adidas store and get on the treadmill, and get their own Futurecraft 3D printed shoe. The new 3D printed shoe will be flexible, exact copy of customer’s foot and it will be designed around the specific pressure points of the customers.

This Futurecraft 3D midsoles looks pretty good and will optimize the running experience, there is chance that we may see a 3D printer making this shoe around the world in future. According to the company, this is just the beginning, as it will announce some other design innovation in next six months.