A New Software to capture 4D realistic Heart Images

By | July 15, 2015


GE Healthcare has developed software named cSound, which is an advanced cardiovascular ultrasound machines, which can capture a  4D realistic heart images. This software is improvement from traditional ultrasound software, which can capture the heart images for the doctors, but those images are not so clear. GE Healthcare also claims that this cSound is very powerful software, which can load a full DVD worth memory data in one second. Whenever it comes across any data, it stores that data info and use the algorithm to analyze it and then it create the images similar to the objects. This software tries to create as realistic image as possible of anything.

This cSound software also has built-in colors, which assign specific shades to the different tissues. GE healthcare thinks that this will remove the need of some additional testing. According to Bijoy Khandheria, a cardiologist, this software will improve the accuracy in diagnostic by just looking at the images. These images show opening of the chest and heat beating. This software will also be helpful for some critical heart disease patients. This software also the human heart’s chambers, vessels, valves and other intricate structure with life-like clarity in 4D. Fourth dimensions mean seeing all three dimensions of the heart as well as tracking movements.