7 IT startups that change business innovation in 2015

By | November 17, 2014

New startups come up with new products and services every month which dramatically change the way how the companies develop the products and manage the IT companies. Innovation is everywhere and it can be hard to keep up. To help the young entrepreneurs and the business enthusiasts to get the hold of this rapidly changing landscapes, here I highlighted the seven startups and technologies that will help you innovate faster, compete with others and deliver the outstanding customer service. They address the common challenges of how the business operate today and they are setting the stage for new era of Information Technology.

IT startups that change business innovation

1. ElasticBox


ElasticBox was founded in 2011 and offers IT as a service and this platform enables the IT and developer teams to collaborate and so they can quickly build, manage and deploy the applications on to any cloud infrastructure. It is pioneering a simplified, modular and service based application development process, where the fully configured components of an application architecture are encapsulated as Boxes and made available this as the service.

ElasticBox is changing the DevOps dynamic into one that is more collaborative and efficient and it offers a wide variety of the features for businesses and provides more flexibility with how they move to the cloud by not locking them into the single cloud provider or the specific way of deploying the applications.

2. Zimperium


Zimperium is committed to delivering the enterprise class protection for the mobile devices against advanced mobile threats. So many players in the mobile security space are stuck on the mobile device management apps. So, this resulted in the lack of truly intelligent enterprise security apps. Zimperium has developed the patent pending threat defense technology specifically for the mobile devices and it is the first kind of company to offer the complete mobile security solution that protect the employee’s Android and iOS devices all the time from both the host and network based attacks.

3. OneLogin


OneLogin provides the single sign-on and the identity management for the cloud based applications. It is co-founded by Thomas Pedersen and Christian Pedersen in San Francisco, California. It primarily focuses on the companies that operate in the cloud and integrates with the cloud apps using WS-Federation, SAML, OpenID and web services integration. Its cloud -based IAM market now includes almost 700 enterprise customers in 35 countries which includes Gensler, AAA, News International, Netflix, Steelcase, Pandora, PBS and more. It eliminates need for the lengthy integration and provisioning objects, manual de-provisioning, protracted on and off boarding processes, username and password, shadow IT policing caused by too many digital identities.

4. ZenPayroll


ZenPayroll take care of all the payroll legwork for the small and medium businesses and simplify the process of managing the employee pay. It automates the things like payments and direct deposits, tax calculations which is the godsend for the small businesses which doesn’t have a corporate office to deal with managing paying employees. ZenPayroll will be particularly alluring in 2015 as the next wave of SaaS solutions meets the challenge of the traditional applications like Oracle and SAP.

5. Conjur


Conjur was created with the aim to make moving real, critical, high-value business applications to the cloud possible. It was founded in 2012, we believe that the cloud computing represents the foundational change in how the businesses operate. For instance, a developer cannot accidentally mess with the live code when he should be in the development environment. In future, cloud adaption will surely continue to grow across the businesses and many of the people will be looking for tools which help them manage the complexity of their cloud applications.

6. Illumio


Illumio takes the advanced approach to secure the enterprise applications which are specifically designed for the cloud based environment. Instead of applying the firewall around everything and its approach is more chapped. It secures the individual computing workloads as they en route to the appropriate servers whether they are in the cloud or bare metal. Enterprise security is the hot topic till now, but in future it is expected see the increased adoption of the tools like Illumio which can fill the security gaps. It has raised $42.5 million from series A investors, before even coming out of the stealth mode.

7. RelateIQ


RelateIQ is the Salesforce.com company which has re-thought customer relationship management from ground up and it built the world’s first Relationship Intelligence platform. It uses searches of the unstructured data from social networks, email and calendars to automate large portions of the sales process. This can eliminate the need for manual data entry to track the sales leads and adds the greater insights into the business relationships.

Salesforce has acquired RelateIQ earlier this summer indicates the strong market demand for the product. It is interesting to see what the other boutique CRM options continue to innovate in this space like the propeller CRM and Insightly.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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