ShowBox v4.92 Latest APK Download

By | June 20, 2017

If you are a movie buff like millions out there, ShowBox should not be a new application for you. Well, if you are unaware of that, it is the latest entertainment app that has created a lot of talks and buzz in the free video segment. You are never going to miss any of your favorite shows and movies, old or new if you have this app installed in your device as it offers a really huge database of TV shows, Anime, and films to keep you entertained anywhere anytime.

The user can directly stream any video directly on the device and also have the option to download them if you want to watch it later. However, the app is not available on official App stores like Google Play Store and iOS Store but it doesn’t mean that you can have it. It can easily be downloaded from other sources and you can easily install it on your smartphone or tablet without any issue.

Well, the ShowBox app has been there for a long time. However, a lot of users complained about certain issues like “ShowBox app not working”, app freezing, screen blackout etc. in the previous version. And this is the reason why they have come up with an updated as well as improved version of the app in order to ensure excellent user experience.

ShowBox v4.92 APK Latest Version

The latest ShowBox 4.92 is way better than the previous version. All the issues have been handled by the development team and the app does not freeze or crash even when their server is overloaded with heavy traffic.

Well, we have brought to you the latest version for download and you can get it easily via the link that has been provided below. But before we move on to that step, let us have a look at the features which this new version brings for the users.

ShowBox v4.92 Latest APK Download

ShowBox v4.92 APK Features

• The interface of the app has been improved in order to make it light as well as more responsive than before. The developers have made the ShowBox app more stable as well.

• One can even filter the movies as well as TV series on the basis of IMDB rating, the genre as well as release dates.

• The viewer also has an option to create a playlist and then save it for further use.

• The app has been made even smaller. The size of the new ShowBox app falls between 4-5 MB only.

Not only that. The ShowBox app is not limited to your smartphones and mobiles only. Once can even enjoy all his favorite movie shows as well as videos on Mac, Windows, iOS, Blackberry and Android of course. All the old features like selecting the video quality and downloading the videos are still available to the users. So, what are you waiting for? Download or upgrade your ShowBox app to the latest version to get all the new features and enjoy your videos in a better way than before.