Samsung Brings New Controller for its Gear VR Headset

By | February 28, 2017

It looks like Samsung is not in the mood to back down in any of its verticals. Recently, you might have seen a lot of tech and gadget from the company, and now the tech giant is back again with an improvement to the Samsung Gear VR. This new update is in the form of a wireless touch as well as gesture VR controller. This new controller is a result of combined efforts from Samsung and Oculus and will also accompany the Gear VR headsets sold after the launch. In case you already have a Gear VR, you can still buy the gesture VR controller once it is available in the market.

In case you have no idea what it looks like, the Gear VR controller is pretty small, curved and contains a trigger on the front side that helps the player in selection as well as for casual gaming. Not only this, one can also toggle the volume from the controller with the help of volume rocker present on the top along with the home and back button.

In case you are thinking, how are you going to differentiate between the button with the VR on, Samsung has designed every button different in size and texture so that you can easily recognize and remember every button easily even when you immersed in intense gaming.

There is a big circle on the front as well which is bigger than that on Daydream’s view controller and possesses a multidirectional click pad under the surface. The controller is very comfortable to hold and you will get used to it in few uses only.

Obviously, there is no requirement of a two-handed controller for a VR device as a one-hand controller does all you want in the most precise way. Also, you will require two AAA batteries in order to power the controller which fit under a cover on Gear VR controller’s back.