Apple Might Redesign its iPhone 7 Before 2017

By | November 16, 2016

Apple recently came up with their latest flagship, i.e. iPhone 7, and it might be hard to digest, but the new  iPhone 7 devices are overall a disaster and this might be the reason why Apple is planning to redesign their latest iPhones and introduce a new model possessing OLED display screens. The new report coming from KGI securities give us a good idea about the upcoming iPhones as well as their design in terms of size, camera features and different display types.

We are almost heading towards the end of the year, but Apple might still reveal three more iPhones before 2016 goes away. One out of three models will feature OLED display screen while the other two models will still use the TFT-LCD screens. Also, the new duo camera that was introduced by the company in iPhone 7 will only be available in the 5.5-inch models and not in 4.7-inch models. This might be due to attract more customers to buy the bigger version than the handy 4.7-inch one.

We can also expect the OLED mAodels to be priced higher than previous iPhone 7 Plus and might cost you around $769. The leaks mostly talk about the display sizes of the new models and which model will possess what type of camera module.

In addition to that, KGI Securities old reports have already predicted that the iPhone 8 might get a whole makeover in design and could turn all-glass device just like iPhone 4 and 4S. Since, they have received a lot of complains regarding the metal finish  which catches scratches very easily, iPhone 7’s jet glossy design might follow in iPhone 8 as consumers prefer the glossy look over the metallic one.

Right now, Apple have been using the OLED technology in Apple Watch and in the latest MacBook Pro. This will also be the first time OLED screens will hit the iPhone line.

All in all, you might see three new iPhones in the market before next year which will include:

  • A 4.7 inch iPhone possessing single camera and LCD display screen.
  • A 5.5 inch iPhone with dual camera and LCD display screen.
  • A 5.5 inch iPhone model with dual camera and new OLED display screen.