Over 300 iPhone X models stolen from San Francisco’s Apple Store by Thieves


iPhone X sets to be available in the official Apple Stores and ahead of its official availability on offline stores, over 300 iPhone X models stolen by thieves in the San Francisco’s Apple Store. As reported by cnet, there were three thieves who stole over 300 iPhone X models worth more than $370,000. 

According to reports, there were three men who were there wearing hoodies driving a white Dodge van. The original incident was happened between, 11:15 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. PT. According to police reports, there were total 313 iPhone X models available in the store which were stolen by three thieves in a white UPS Truck.

The suspects are still roaming freely on the streets of the United States. Apple has made the new iPhone X available through offline stores from Friday, but ahead of its official availability, thieves have made their moves and stole the entire store having over 300 iPhone X. iPhone X was launched at a price tag of $999 for the base model. There are a couple of different editions available with different storage capacities.

As for the theft, the UPS driver had locked the cargo area after parking outside the Stonestown Galleria mall in the southwest Lakeside neighborhood of San Francisco, according to the police report. A janitor spotted the suspects unloading boxes from the UPS truck and into a Dodge van and snapped a photo.

“It’s suspicious they were able to get that large a haul on that day,” he said.

Since people have already pre-ordered the iPhone X, they will be able to get the iPhone X from the Stonestown Apple Store on time. There will be no changes in the availability of these phones for the customers who have pre-ordered the phones.

Since there were over 3,00 iPhone X in the store, it will definitely impact on the overall business of the store.

Apple has captioned this new iPhone X as the future of the smartphone as the iPhone X comes with a bunch of innovative feature. This is the most expensive and highly featured smartphone of the current technology world. The surprising thing about thieves have stolen these phones just before the launch of it from the stores. This sums up everything well that those thieves are very well aware about the availability and made the move at the right time.

You might be thinking about the next move by Apple. However, they can block down the serial numbers of those stolen phones right away on the activation servers. They will not get the original pricing for the stolen phones as they will become paperweights. Thieves will not use these phones and that is for sure, they have stolen the phones to sell them off to other markets. Thieves will get the best pricing for the stolen phones, however it will impact on the buyers who are going to buy these stolen phones in the near future.

Some people claim that there will be full hands of support by the UPS Truck driver who has parked the truck before the store and knew everything regarding the shipment timing and all. The investigation of this case is going on and the Policemen will soon come up with some good news regarding the case.