3 blazing stats of Silicon beach


Silicon Beach term has been around since 2008 but gradually it seems to be like growing in popularity and awareness. Silicon beach is the West side region of the Los Angeles metropolitan area and currently it is home to over 500 startup companies. This region is considered as the second or third largest tech hub around the world, according to different survey reports. Some of the biggest companies in this region include Google, Yahoo, YouTube, AOL, MySpace, EdgeCast networks, Buzzfeed and more.

As the term Silicon Beach seems to be reaching a cultural tipping point, there are some things about Los Angeles startup scene that you amy not know which go beyond the outright. There are some amazing startups which started their journey from Los Angeles and some best startups such as Snapchat, Hulu, TrueCar, Beach Mint and even MySpace started from here. As the community is growing, the opportunities for the new startups to join the potential and blooming tech and entrepreneurial scene has much to offer. Here after a small research I am listing few blazing stats of Silicon Beach.


1. Entrepreneurs

According to the Kaufman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, Los Angeles is just behind the San Francisco in the entrepreneurs per capita in the major metropolitan cities. The report also claimed that the city has 490 entrepreneurs per 1,00,000 people which is just behind San Francisco which claims 570 per 100,000 people and New York comes in next place with 320 per 100,000.

It is clear that Silicon Beach is not just the term, it is the growing community of burgeoning tech startup talent. Have a look at few rapidly growing startups such as FameBit, BuddyTruk and Washio.

2. Bursting with tech

According to report of Los Angeles economic development council, the city has more people employed in high techie jobs with count of 368,500 than any other metro cities in the United States. The report also says that the application for high tech in Los Angeles span industries are very diverse from film production and editing to the application and software development.

One thing to consider if you are thinking of starting a tech company in Silicon Beach Area is significant impact is geography of Los Angeles with the amount of traffic.

3. $333 million funds raised in Q2

According to the City National Bank’s second quarter 2014 report, in the Q2 of this year alone startups in Los Angeles raised more than $333 million funds and the report states that 44 percent almost half of the capital which is raised by startups in Santa Monica. Since Santa Monica is the epicenter to the Silicon Beach community, it seems that there are millions of reasons to consider it as the best startup location. The climate is very favorable and it is also reported that there are 292 sunny days in 2013.