Zappy JuneBugg Android Game Full Review

By | April 30, 2014
Zappy junebugg

Zappy JuneBugg is an Android game that puts you in the control of Junebugg and tasks you to pass through the light posts. Nothing much in the game, simply you can control the bugg by touching the screen with your finger. This game is similar to the Flappy Bird. how played the game Flappy Bird they will like this game too. The cost of this game is free, As it is Android game we can get it from the Google Play store for the free of cost.

Zappy junebugg

How to Play

  • The first thing you have to do is download this game in the Google Play Store, after download the installation occurs.
  • After installation of this Game, The Game icon will be appeared on the screen. If you click on the icon the game Zappy JuneBugg will open.
  • If you click on the play button the game starts with Get ready dialogue on the screen if you press their the game control comes to you.
  • The aim of this game to escape from the light posts and to collect the hearten which will increase your points. you may have question how to escape from the light posts?
  • In between light posts their will be a gap, By using touch on you screen you can control to escape from light posts through that gap and also to collect the Hearten.
  • Suppose if you hit that light post the your game turns to game over. This game is similar to the Flappy bird, if you are familiar with that game then you can play this game easily.

Zappy junebugg


  • Zappy JuneBugg is free game to play
  • Very simple and fun to play this game
  • Graphics are quite simple and Good
  • It is endless game, so we can play until we get bored


  • Does not bring anything new as it is a old formula
  • Similar to the game Flappy bird


Over all the game is very simple and easy  to play not much options or controls. As I said earlier this is similar to the Flappy Bird. Not much interesting to play. If you play this game twice definitely we will get bored.

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