YouTube’s new Thumbnailer creates better images



Thumbnail plays important part in convincing viewers to watch the videos on YouTube. Thumbnails of any video is one of the most important parts that plays in increasing view count on any YouTube videos. People usually watch the thumbnails and decide whether to watch it or not. Keeping this in mind, YouTube has come up with a new and better automatic thumbnailer.

If you are content creators, you’ll surely love this new thumbnailer from the website. Google has announced about this new thumbnailer through a blog post. According to this blog, when any creators unloads any video, the video streaming website analyzes video at one frame per seconds and gives score based on the quality of each frame. After this, the thumbnail generator will show the images with high scores. YouTube gives the score to the images, based on its training for recognizing good and bad images.


This new version of thumbnailer algorithm uses deep neural networks (DNNs) for quality models. The developer uses customized and well constructed thumbnails to represent high quality images, whereas random screen shots are set to be bad and low quality images. The YouTube team has posted the comparison image, which shows that the algorithm has learned successfully and can select the high quality image. Currently this thumbnail generator is live, so if you want to test it by yourself you are free to use.