YouTube soon to have Virtual Reality Videos


Moving ahead with the technology world, YouTube has revealed that it is working on making YouTube a channel which supports 3D, 360 degree as well as virtual reality videos.


All the 3 above mentioned words are pretty much the talk of town these days. With a lot of consumer electronics companies working in order to have a support for the next-gen technology, giants like YouTube can not really be behind in the race. The latest revelation from YouTube has surely excited a lot of people out there.

The formal announcement took place at Vidcon 2015, where YouTube tweeted: “Virtual reality is coming to YouTube with 3D, 360-degree video. More details soon! #VidCon”

samsung vr

The other 2 technologies apart from the VR are pretty much in implementation on YouTube. There are quite a few 360 degree videos which can be accessed using the arrow keys on the keyboard and at the same time, YouTube does have a bunch of videos in the 3D format. So it’s just a matter of time YouTube opens both the formats for the general public.

However, it is not yet known as to when YouTube will launch the support for VR videos, but one thing for sure, with the VR hoax going around the internet, there are millions of people waiting for the official announcement from YouTube about the day when Virtual Reality videos will be an actual reality on YouTube.