YouTube says Good Bye to 301+ Views

By | August 6, 2015


Whenever a new video is posted on the YouTube, the view counter always freezes on “301+” views. For any new popular video, the viewers starts checking it as soon as video is posted and the View Counter doesn’t figure out that the viewer is the human or some robot. This acts as an obstacle for the video, which is going to be viral. You may have encountered these problems, as some times the view count on the particular video will be “301+” and the likes and dislikes will be way more than it. Relax folks, as from now on you won’t be facing this problem.

Google has announced today that YouTube is removing the “301+” view count of a new video, so that one can know more accurate view numbers. According to the tweet, the new video will show more accurate and real time view count for any video posted on this video streaming website. The company is confident that the new system will show the real time view of the human not any robotics.

Usually what happens previously is that whenever a Video crosses 300 view, it freezes to “301+” view count and start checking for the spam or sneaky robots view and real time human view, so for some time the view count will show “301+” views and after some time it shows the real and accurate view.

Now YouTube will post more accurate and real time views, now also it will check for the spam, but only certain questionable views will be kept stalled and frozen for the review and after review it will show the views. This feature of the YouTube has also become quite popular on twitter as many YouTube followers have supported this on the Twitter.