YouTube Radio, currently being tested for limited users


The latest reports suggest Google could be testing out something new, after the recent experimentation with multi-angle video, known as YouTube radio. This new YouTube radio is nothing but a newer take on the YouTube Mix Playlist. It can organize and classify music playlist on the basis of the video being watched by the user. YouTube allows the suggestions to be liked or disliked by the users to enhance the music listening experience.

YouTube radio

This feature has been found only on a handful of devices for now, report says, which suggests that this is still under the testing phase. Though detailed specifics of the interesting feature is not available, it appears to be brilliant add-on to YouTube. Addition of such new features shows that YouTube is slowly and steadily transforming into theĀ  music streaming business.

Google, also launched the new YouTube Music Key music streaming service, that would allows endless music streaming without any annoying ads and offers much needed feature – offline playback. All good things come with a price, so is this feature. This is priced at $9.99/month. It is yet to be disclosed if Google would include the new radio feature along with this package or would be made available for free.

YouTube has come long way since its acquisition by Google and has become one of the biggest and foremost music and video library in the World. Constant inclusion of interesting and intelligent features keeps YouTube much ahead of other music libraries.

As YouTube Radio is currently under testing stage only, it may take a while before it makes its arrival public and official. Current YouTube Mix playlist has a limit of 50 video suggestion, but such restrictions are expected to be removed in the new YouTube Radio feature.