YouTube now tests a new multi-angle video feature


YouTube recently introduced features like a music service and offline video playback on its mobile app to make the app more interesting and user-friendly. The Google owned YouTube is now testing a multi-angle feature that allows users to watch video from different angles.

Only a video by Madilyn Bailey (a renowned Indie artist on YouTube) is currently available to be streamed under this feature. The video was covered from YouTube’s recent Music Night event in Los Angeles.

Multi-angle video

The video is covered using four cameras and allows the users to switch angles effortlessly. The feature works only when there are multiple cameras recording a steam simultaneously, and so it does not work for all the videos.

The multi-angle feature is more suited for concert or a live stream event. YouTube states its only under testing stage and so its providing it to select YouTube personalities. But the company adds that users can request for access to this multi-angle video feature by signing up on Google’s page.

YouTube is not the first company to experiment with multiple angles for the likes of Streamweaver have tried this feature earlier. YouTube enthusiasts expect to watch videos of many more personalities from different angles as the company is likely to try out more videos in the forthcoming months.

The sole way to test the feasibility and the success of the feature is to get more celebrities and YouTube icons on board with the new feature. Seems like YouTube has already started to work on it.

Watch the Madilyn Bailey’s multi-angle video from the video below: