YouTube launches new version of Apps for Mobile and 3D Virtual Reality video comming soon



At 6th annual VidCon event Anaheim, California, Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube has launched a new version of YouTube app for Android and mobile browsers and iOS version is coming soon. This new version will make editing and publishing the video in the apps easier than the previous version and for the viewers subscribing to the channel becomes as easy as you have to click just one button. The channel owners, who got 10 million of those touches, will get the new diamond play back button reward, according to a report of Engadget. This new designs also placed your subscriptions and profile at the top right for easy access. This YouTube version will also allow the viewers to watch the vertical video in full screen.

This version doesn’t support real 3D virtual reality video, but that is common soon. According to Wojciciki, the watch time of the YouTube has increased 60 percent through the devices, whereas on mobile it has increased 100 percent. There will be more new updates to keep the growth rate growing.