YouTube Kids comes to UK and Ireland

By | November 18, 2015

Mobile TV Watching

YouTube is best video platform, which has lots of videos from different categories and all these videos can be accessed by anyone from just one place. But these wide ranges of videos sometimes also become bad things for us, especially when an adult person is trying to organize the media content for kids. There is a YouTube app named YouTube Kids that solves these problems.

Now, YouTube Kids is rolling out in United Kingdom and Ireland from today, after nine months since this kid friendly service was launched in U.S. back in this February. This YouTube Kids service offers content for children of 3 to 8 years. This is certainly very good news for parents, as they can’t allow their kids to watch videos without supervision, because they have to hide some contents that are not appropriate for children.

Currently there are lots of YouTube channels that make contents especially for kids from nursery rhymes to cartoon series. According to the company, the contents of YouTube Kids are controlled by the algorithm rather than curated by human. So Parents are advised to flag some contents if they found some lapses. This is certainly way easier than keep an eye on the whole movement of your kids.

This YouTube Kids app is available for Android and iOS platform only and has kid friendly content creators like SevenSuperGirls and Stampy Longhead. This app also features some favorite cartoons like Morph, Octonauts and Chuggington along with contents from National Geography. Here all the contents are divided in four categories: Music, explore, shows and learning.