Your phone uploads pictures even after Uninstalling Google Photos



If you have been using Google Photos, then you must have thought that it is pretty amazing, where offers unlimited back up storage space for your images. This also creates slide shows and movies from your uploaded photos. These are the features, which make everyone fell in love with this Google photo, but if you want to uninstall the Google Photos due to some reasons, you have to be a bit careful. The main reason behind this is that if you uninstall this Google photo, then also your phone will upload the photo to your account.

David A. Arnott, a Nashville Business Journal writer discovered this problem, when he found out that hundreds of images were there in Google Photos, which was taken weeks after uninstalling the Google Photos. When I also took pictures from my phone after uninstalling the Google Photos, it uploaded all those photos to my account.

The reason for this problem is settings used by Google Photos. Google Photos uses Google settings menu to determine backups rather than using its own settings. While installing the Google apps, if you selected automatically upload images to the cloud, then this settings will exist even after uninstalling the Google Photos. If you want to stop uploading your pictures to cloud storage, then you have to turn “Google Photo Backup” off in the Google setting menu of your phones.