Youbionic to launch a fully 3D-printed bionic hand for disables

By | August 11, 2015


Youbionic, an Italian 3D printing company is planning to develop a 3D printed bionic hand. The company was working on its bionic hand for quite few years, has announced to launch a bionic arm, which will be for people with accident related missing limbs or birth defects.

This Youbionic 3D printed arm was initially started as a CAD model, which eventually becomes a working prototype. Open source software named Arduino will power this bionic hand, which is brain of the prototype and will send the electric impulses to make the hand’s muscle movements. This will allow the customer using the Youbionic hand to open and close their palm as well as moving their fingers. By using this bionic hand, user can experience movements of hands almost similar to biological hands.

Federico Ciccarese, founder of Youbionic said that they have successfully conducted experiment on the bionic hands prototype and the company is planning to release a wearable device by the end of the year.

He also said, “We validated our initial idea that material deformation is necessary in order to optimize the hand’s movements. The mechanical intuition that we derived from a direct observation of muscular fibers have provided us with the necessary elements to design the entire bionic hand,”

The company Youbionic has started developing 3D printed bionic arms with same concept and company is also trying to improve the prototype in the mean time. Ciccarese said that the material, which is going to be used in the 3D printed arms has been selected and they are going to next phase with the product. He also added, “Youbionic devices will turn you into a person able to perform movements in sync impossible for a traditional man,”, when the arm will be connected to a person’s existing arms.

The company will start shipping the 3d printed hand at the price of $1,100, while continue working on both 3D printed arms and hands to enhance its features. The article is first published on 3D Printing Industry.