You lost or misplaced your android phone

By | April 17, 2015


Have you lost or misplaced your android phone, Google will help in searching your phone. Yes it is the latest offering by Google. The app helps in finding your phone by locating it exactly through Google on desktop and also it gives a ring to phone continuously for 5 minutes.

One can take the help of Google Search option on a desktop. Users has to type in ‘find my phone’ in the address bar. An approximate location of the device will be shown in the Google Map.

Sometimes there are chances that phone may be thrown under car seat or in between sofa cushions. However user has to ensure latest version of Google App must be there on registered device. The Android Device Manager will allow users to ring their device, even if it is in silent mode, using which they locate their device. The phone will ring for 5 minutes, once ring option is chosen.


Data connection or WIFI connection should be on the device, to ensure that the Smartphone’s location services are on so that Google can locate it. There is option to erase or lock the phone with the password in case of theft. If the phone is untraceable, user can exercise the option of erasing the entire data from the phone, so that privacy can be maintained and chances of misuse of data can be avoided.

There is no dearth of apps that will help to locate the lost device nowadays which function in the same way of Google’s latest offering.

Author: Venu V

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