you can Pre-order R2-D2 fridge at more than $8,000



Star Wars is one of the best science fiction movies of all time and there are lots of dedicated fans of the franchisee. Currently, as the latest part of Star Wars movie is going to release this December, it has created lots of hype. So this is best time to release the R2-D2 like mini fridge.

Haier Asia has created a new remote control R2-D2 shape mini fridge, which can chill your beer and even bring it to you if you are feeling too lazy to move your feet. This is a near to perfect replica of the R2-D2 robot, as it comes with rotating head, authentic sound and light effects. Its movement is also similar to that of Star Wars robot. This remote controlled min-fridge comes with a two hour rechargeable battery.

But this R2-D2 shaped min-fridge doesn’t come cheaply, as you have to spend more than $8,000 to own this mini fridge. If you are not concerned about the price, you can pre-order this remote-controlled AQUA R2-D2s mini-fridge. But there is a catch folks, as you are going to need a Japanese address for ordering this device.

If you fulfill all the requirements, you need to order it quickly, as the company will start shipping this remote controlled min-fridge in December 2015. But, you must remember that this fridge can house just few number of beer cans.