YOLK creates thinnest and lightest charger “Solar Paper”

By | July 28, 2015


The rise of smartphones are quite obvious, as earlier mobile phones were used for messaging and talking, but now the smartphones are gradually taking position of the computer or laptop, as lots of computer works can be done on the mobile. So the battery of any smartphones is the main and foremost problem, one can ever think of.

Now people are using phones for online banking and shopping, and some other entertainment purpose like watching videos, playing games, surfing the web etc. No matter, what company offers the battery life, there is no guarantee that your phone will last for a whole day. So what will you do when your phone is dead and you don’t have any power plug?

Today there are companies trying to make more efficient and portable battery, battery charger market can also be seen as a very growing market. Now a day’s lots of mobile phone portable chargers or power banks are available in different size and capacity.

YOLK has come up with a new charging device called Solar Paper. The Solar Paper is the smallest, thinnest and lightest solar charger for your smartphones. This device is so thin that you can keep it in your book. YOLK is a startup company in Seoul and Chicago and is founded by Sungun Chang, a School of Art Institute of Chicago graduate.


In a chat with e27 she said,

“I wanted to make a charger that was highly portable but I didn’t have a lot of experience mass-producing products and furthermore market wise, it [mobile charging market] was very saturated, with Xiaomi and things like that. I was too small a company to compete with them,”

They are planning to make a very thin, light and portable as well as Eco-friendly mobile charger. They have raised $666,000 at the Kickstarter till now. In a very clear sunny day, the Solar paper will be able to charge your phone in about 2.5 hours, which is almost similar to the time taken by a Wall charger to charge your phones.

This solar charger comes with a 2.5 W panels, which can be combined together via magnetic connections to form more powerful charger. For 5 W charger, it will combine two magnetic slot, while if you want more powerful like 10 W charger, then you have to buy four 2.5 W panels. The price of two 2.5 W magnetic panel charger is $89 and is available on Kickstarter. The three panel’s 7.5 W charger will cost $160 and four panel 10 W charger will cost $200 and this will be best suited for iPhone 6 Plus, tablets, iPads, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy tablets.

This charger automatically resets, when cloud passes and sun comes up. This Solar paper charger can be used to charge any device, which has USB charging option, which means that you can charge smartphones, torches, cameras, MP3 and Video players, tablets and some other devices.